"I am reading the first book."

Translation:Olvasom az első könyvet.

September 3, 2016

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Can anyone explain this business of putting a capital letter for the first 2 words of the sentence please. Is it just the pronoun followed by the verb. Thanks


The double capitalization is a mistake. It happens when they've provided two translations, one which includes the pronoun at the beginning of the sentence, and one which leaves it out. I presume they cut / pasted in some order. So you will sometimes see a sentence with no capital at the beginning when it should have one (because the pronoun had the capital letter). Or sometimes you will see a sentence with two capitalized words like Én Olvasom... because a capitalized word got pasted in (I presume).


That is exactly true. There is no extra capitalization in Hungarian, except for proper nouns, and maybe for "Ön", and a couple of those politeness formulas.


Thanks so much. I shall not bother about it except when I need to on duolingo to get something right. One less problem


Could the verb go in the end?

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