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  5. "Százat adsz, nem ezret!"

"Százat adsz, nem ezret!"

Translation:You are giving one hundred, not one thousand!

September 3, 2016



Wouldn't we say in English a hundred not a thousand or one hundred etc?


I think both are possible. The "one" version is more emphasized.


------- duo just accepted: you give a hundred, not a thousand . . .

Big 11 nov 19


I thought "ad" meant "sell" as well as "give." It rejected my answer, "You're selling one hundred, not one thousand!"


I got an answer to a similar question recently. The proper sell is elad. Ad is sort of rude, or for friends... actually I am not quite sure where the line is, but I guess the safe bet is elad-sell, ad-give. But (meg)vesz can mean take and buy.

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