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"I do not know how to use the magnet."

Translation:Tôi không biết dùng nam châm.

September 3, 2016



Why no 'cái nam châm' when this is a singular, non-generic, magnet?


Why am I marked wrong when I use a classifier for magnet??


Yes, is 'magnet' classifier-less?

EDIT: must be the case of the multi-worded noun, but even then, the classifier shouldn't be marked wrong.

EDIT: I think what this really should say is "I do not know how to use [generic] magnets.


Whats the difference between dùng and sử dụng?


dùng is to use, as a verb and sử dụng is "the use"


No, you mistook sự (事) for sử (使). Sử dụng (使用) is a verb too, it's more formal than dùng (拥).


The English says "the magnet" which definitely means a specific magnet and not "any magnet." Translating from English to Vietnamese, why is it wrong to use a classifier?


What's wrong with "Tôi không biết làm sao dùng cái nam châm."? It's telling me I would have to say "làm sao đẻ", but why is đẻ necessary?


Because "làm sao" effectively means, "what to do".

Để clarifies that your intention is to dùng.


Nobody has answered the classifier question. Why no classifier? If we are talking about magnets in general, shouldn't the translation then be I do not know how to use magnets? The magnet implies a specific one that I don't know how to use.


Yes..duolingi...we want to know why no classifier!


And still no answer! Feb 14, 2021


Good example--here there is no 'để' between the verbs 'biết' and 'dùng'. In other times, there is. What are the rules for usage?


Because in this context, the thing you don't know is using the magnet. The act of using the magnet is the object of the verb.

In other contexts, as mentioned in another comment using Làm sao, you use để to say, "my goal is to do...".


what about : tôi không biết làm thể nào dùng nam châm? sai?

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