"Az okos emberek a zebrán mennek át."

Translation:Smart people cross at the crosswalk.

September 3, 2016

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I think what is meant is "Clever people cross at the pedestrian crossing" but the translation accepted from the elements provided is nonsense to me. Who has ever even heard of a "crosswalk"?


Where I live, at least (Midwestern US), people pretty much exclusively say "crosswalk" - you'd get weird looks if you said "pedestrian crossing".


I even heard of "zebra crossing". That is what is used in Hungary. A crosswalk with zebra stripes.


Yes. I used it too and was marked wrong.


Google "crosswalk."


Crosswalk is very american, I've never heard it called a pedestrian crossing -- I live in a city where no one uses them regardless of what you call them ughhh


De vigyázzatok! Budapesten a legtöbb autós nem áll meg a zebra előtt ha latja, hogy valaki át szeretne menni rajta. Mindig nézzetek kökrül, hogy jön-e autó, és átenged-e.


Never heard the word "crosswalk"


Crosswalk, zebra crossing and pedestrian crossing are all perfectly legitimate, depending on where you live - in U.K. or in the U.S., and they should all be accepted by Duolingo, but they are not.


Yes, I agree with the comment below. This is a Duolingo disaster. We never say crosswalk. I see that some Americans claim that they do but no-one would use this expression in the UK. If it's acceptable, I would strongly argue that the word "crossing" is equally so but it wasn't accepted.


I can't resist this and I'm guessing vvsey will know what's coming. In this instance, smart or clever is the characteristic much like intelligence. But what do we have here? "Az okos emberek etc..." In the example we had of intelligent people not jumping out of windows, there was no "Az" at the beginning. The distinction was between a quality possessed (i.e a characteristic) and the person or creature depicted (e.g a lion or a Hungarian politician) where "A" or "Az" would be essential. In view of the contrast between "Intelligens emberek etc...." and "Az okos emberek etc....." I'm left with the impression that the use of "A" or "Az" at the beginning in these instances is largely optional. If that's correct, I understand because many speech patterns are.


It is optional, but in fact usual, to use the article in general statements comprising a whole category of subjects - I believe there was a note to that effect under one of the lightbulbs.


Smart people go across on the zebra crossing. Not accepted and most definitely reported. 2 years ago I called this a Duolingo disaster. 2 years further on and I'm struggling to think of how much more disastrous it can get. Please, please, please fix this. Crosswalk may well be what Americans say but British people don't.


I would kindly like to ask the mods to accept "cross ON the crosswalk", because it is perfectly fine...


Smart people go across on the zebra crossing. Not accepted, reported. Crosswalk is an American expression which isn't used in British English. Plenty of Americanisms have found their way across, (no pun intended), but not this one. The Duolingo disaster continues. I have tried and tried to get it fixed. By all means keep crosswalk but zebra crossing is good, too. Moreover, the Hungarian is zebrán so ON the zebra crossing is fine.


Intelligent was accepted for okos. And pedestrian crossing too has been accepted in this coyrse.

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