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"May I have sweets and a drink?"

Translation:Ga i losin a diod?

September 3, 2016



Why is it "ddiod" in "may i have a drink", but "diod" in "may i have an omelette and a drink". It's the same thing, gramatically...?


"May I have a drink"="Ga i ddiod". Here it has mutated due to it being the first subject of the verb "Ga". (A way people remember to mutate it here is because it comes after a pronoun). In "May I have an omelette and a drink" ("Ga i omled a diod") it does not mutate due to it coming after "a".


The object of ga i...? mutates - but only the first letter of it. For example, in:

  • Ga i losin a diod the object is losin a diod, but l has no mutated form.
  • Ga i beint o gwrw a brechdan the object is peint o gwrw a brechdan and so the p- mutates to b-. (The c- of cwrw is mutated because it follows o.)
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