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"Моя двоюрідна сестра читала це."

Translation:My cousin read this.

September 3, 2016



Isn't the proper spelling supposed to be 'двоєрідна', 'двоєрідний', 'двоєрідні' with a 'є' and not 'ю'??

(I have never seen 'cousin' , /'двоєрідна', '-,ний', '-ні' spelled with a 'ю' before.)

That's probably why I prefer to use the more specific terms of 'сестрінок' (nephew from the sister's side), 'братанок', (nephew from the brother's side), 'сестрінка', (niece from the sister's side) and 'братанка' (niece from the brother's side).


Is this past tense?


This is past imperfective. Past tense verbs in Ukrainian end with -в for masculine gender, -ла for feminine, -ло for neutral and -ли for plural: він чита-в | вона чита-ла | воно чита-ло | вони чита-ли.


You mean imperfect, or similar to imparfait en francais?


Ukrainian verb can be perfective of imperfective, it is invariable sign. Past tense of imperfective verb is like Past Simple in English, past tense of perfective verb is like Present Perfect in English: вона писала (she wrote) - вона написала (she has written).

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