"How delicious is the ice cream?"

Translation:Πόσο νόστιμο είναι το παγωτό;

September 3, 2016

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How do we know when to use πόσο vs. using πως?


Πόσο is more "how much" and shows degree and amount. Πώς shows the way you do something. P.e "how do you cook? πώς μαγειρεύεις;" but "how big is it? πόσο μεγάλο ειναι;"


Πώς means how. Πως means that. It's all in the accent mark!


My Greek keyboard does not have accents.Can you suggest a website where can i get one to download? Thanks


Have you tried pressing the (;) next-to-L button and then the letter you want to accent?


No I didn't know that, will try it, thanks.


Why is it πόσο instead of πώς? "How much delicious?" doesn't quite make sense here.


AFAI understand it, Πόσο meaning „how much“ isnt correct in a word-by-word sense, but means that you should use this word when asking for a quantity – so this still makes sense because we're asking for the “degree of deliciousness”. For myself, I use the following test: can you use ”very“ on the adjective in question in a meaningful way (like ”very delicious“)? Then use πόσο, else πώς.


Great answer, thanks xQuber! :)


Thanks, very helpful advice!


Thank you for the very clear answer


When do greek question words have an accent and when not?


Every word in Greek that's more than one syllable long has an accent, regardless of whether it is used to form a question or not.
Accented single syllable words are only πώς (how), πού (where), ή (or), and the weak pronoun forms μου, σου, του etc. only when not putting an accent on them could make them look like possessive pronouns.
Pay special attention to πώς (how) and πού (where) because που = which, who, that and πως = that.

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