September 3, 2016

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What is the differency between "α" and "ά" ? Thank you.


This mark above the letter (is called τόνος/tonos in greek) is used to show where each word is accented. It is only found above vowels and in words with more than one syllabe


What purpose does the "Ι" serve in the option "Ι Ιλιάδα"? I got this question as a multiple-choice, translating "Iliad". Ιλιάδα was marked correct both with and without the Ι.

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    I am interpreting the single letter before the Greek word as a learning device. When I learned English "A" was for "apple", "B" was for "bear" etc. Also, look at the notes included in the first lesson for help downloading a Greek keyboard to your computer.


    Since ι and η have the same sound, how do you know where to use which?


    You usually follow some grammar rules. For example in feminine words that end with this sound, you always use η.


    I can't even type the answer! My keyboard is not meant for greek letters! :(

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      Check the lesson notes for assistance downloading a Greek keyboard for your device.


      You can change your keyboard in your phone settings

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