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Mixed Language EAL class

I'd like to use Duolingo as a way to help individualize my English as an Additional Language class at the American School of Warsaw. My issue is that the students don't share a mother tongue. I'd like to be able to assign more than one course to my group (English for Spanish, for Polish, for Chinese, and for Turkish speakers – and someday I hope for Bulgarian and Hebrew speakers as well!) rather than assigning "no specific language", because on the "no specific language" setting, because I don't really want to track students' learning of languages other than English. Would it be possible to assign a specific SET OF course in various languages to a class, rather than one specific course?

September 3, 2016



No, a class either has one specific Duolingo course, or no specific language. If you set up a class which has no specific language, you can use it to monitor your students' Duolingo use and progress.

Even though you only want to have one target language, English, setting your class to have no specific language will still allow your students to all learn English from multiple source languages.


I teach ELLs in an elementary school setting. To work around not being able to choose individual language settings for my students, I grouped them into separate classes, based upon their native language. So, my German-speaking students are in a separate class from my Spanish-speaking students, and so on. It's a bit annoying, but, it works.


Based on this discussion, does this mean that I cannot have students with mixed native languages in the same Duolingo classroom learning English?! I plan to introduce this to my class on Tuesday and that would be a show-stopper.


That is the case, it seems your options are to either: a) Choose "so specific language" as your target language, in which case youʻll get reports on all student work on duolingo including languages other than the target language or... b) Take SarahFulkʻs advice and set up separate "classrooms" for each native-language group. A little unwieldy, and not possible if the studentʻs native language isnʻt offered on duolingo, but workable.


No, it doesn't mean that. If you set your classroom to "no specific language", you can have students in your classroom learning English from lots of different native languages.

Any other Duolingo courses they use will also show up when you look at their progress, etc, but you can simply ignore those.


Same, I really want to allow my students with all different native languages to practice English together! With No Specific Language, I can not assign English activities, only minutes of practice.

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