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"Erős szél fúj, és a gyerekek beállnak mögém."

Translation:Strong wind blows, and the children stand behind me.

September 3, 2016



What does this sentence mean?


"Strong wind blows, and the children stand behind me." It's mögém (toward) not mögött (at) so we know the sentence is talking about the children moving to a standing position behind you.


They were trying to make clear the distinction between "They are standing behind me" and "They are moving TO a standing position behind me."

Using "into" is not a good way to do that here, and we would usually just not bother trying to specify the difference in English. (To be fair, people do say "Get in behind me," and "Stand in behind me" is imaginable, even if it's not common, but "the children stand into behind me" would never be used.)


Basically it means "a strong wind is blowing and the children go stand behind me"

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