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"Το να προσπαθείς είναι θετικό."

Translation:Trying is positive.

September 3, 2016



why is "it is positive to try" not accepted?


It is added! Thanks for feedbacking! ;)


Perhaps "Your trying is positive" would convey the use of the second person best.


Using "Το να προσπαθείς" does have the second person but the expression in Greek is more of an imperative. In other words, it's not directed to one person..."you" but as a general statement. "If one tries" "To try...". That's why we don't specifically use "your trying" as the main translation although it is an alternative. The basic meaning is ..."the fact of trying is positive".


Should I assume that when using the gerund in Greek, you should always use "Το να" followed by the 2nd person singular of the present tense?


Sometimes one can also use the respective noun. A third possible phrasing is the following: [verb in the 3rd person singular + κανείς]. "Κανείς" may also mean "nobody" of even "anyone" (the latter in questions), but with respect to what we're discussing, it's like "se" in most Romance languages or "man" in German.

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