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  5. "אנחנו לא חוזרים אל המסעדה!"

"אנחנו לא חוזרים אל המסעדה!"

Translation:We are not coming back to the restaurant!

September 3, 2016



In the previous exercices there was something like: הכלב רצ למסעדה. So is ...ל just the abbreviation of אל? Thank you


Generally these are two different prepositions, sometimes interchangeable and sometimes not. In this case they are almost interchangeable, see my other comment below.


Could you also substitute אל המסעדה here with למסעדה, or is there a significant difference between the two?


Tough one.

To take a more natural example, האיש הולך למסעדה is a bit different from האיש הולך אל המסעדה - the latter emphasizes the walking, while the former glosses over the mode of getting there (in English it would be "go" rather than "walk").

Now, האיש רץ אל המסעדה vs. האיש רץ למסעדה. It's harder to see a difference, since רץ is rather specific about the mode of getting there; but still רץ למסעדה could be used figuratively, if the man read about the great new restaurant and he anxiously hurries there.

Now replacing "man" with "dog"... I can no longer imagine a difference.


alligator tail with hot siracha sauce

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