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"Δέκα, είκοσι, τριάντα, σαράντα, πενήντα, εξήντα, εβδομήντα, ογδόντα, ενενήντα, εκατό"

Translation:Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred

September 3, 2016



So. much. writting.


You do have a point. It takes too long to write this "sentence" and if you are running out of seconds you can even lose the game...


I use ipad, so writing that much doesnt make any sence, epecially, if I have to type numbers...


The dog ate my pencil so I couldn't do my homework.


no, its not the case

here in duolinguo you have to care not only about rememberizing the word from the language you learn, but also about spellngof english words, wich is not native language either. So typing a lot is not efficient to spend time during homework, I do already know numbers in English ;)

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