"Do you make cheese?"

Translation:Dych chi'n gwneud caws?

September 3, 2016



I still don't get it as to when there's yn after chi and when not. Is there any general rule?

September 3, 2016


"Yn" is an untranslateable verbal particle which is used to connect a form of "Bod" (To be) to a noun, verb-noun or adjective. I.e in this isntance "Dych" is the second personal formal/plural conjugation of "Bod" which needs to be connected to the verb-noun "gwneud" using "yn" or as it becomes in this instance "'n". There are a couple of sentences where you would expect it to be used but it isn't. These sentences include the words "Eisiau/Isio" and "Angen". This is because whilst we use them to mean "To want" and "To need" respectively they are not actually verbs. e.g "Dych chi eisiau/isio/angen" not "Dych chi'n eisiau/isio/angen". Also it's important to note that "yn" also can mean "in" when talking about a specific place.

September 3, 2016
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