"I do not paint chairs."

Translation:Nem festek székeket.

September 3, 2016

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Is "nem székeket festek" acceptable?


What is the difference between festem and festek?


definite versus indefinite conjugation.

Festem a képet. I am painting the picture.

Festek egy képet. I am painting a picture.


I'm still working this out, but I think that nem had to immediately precede the word it negates, in this case festék.

However I'd like to know if "székeket nem festék" is wrong or whether it needs to be reported.


You have a typo. "Festék", with an "é", is a noun meaning "paint". The paint that you buy in the store.
What you need is "festek", which means "I paint". A verb in the first person singular.

Other than that "Székeket nem festek" is also perfectly fine. The relation between "nem" and "festek" remained the same, you only moved the object in the front, making it more emphasized.


Does "festeni" mean painting as in changing the color of the object itself, or is it creating a painting on a canvas?


Both. Verbal prefixes may only fit one meaning, though (megfest - applies for painting on a canvas, lefest - both, kifest - changing the color of "the object", most typically a room in this case). Verbal prefixes are a relatively complex topic anyway.


Please explain why Szekeket nem festek is wrongThank you


It is an emphasised word order, but it is correct as well.

Székeket nem festek. I am not painting CHAIRS. (Maybe I like painting something else. )


There is no need for it. Hungarian (along with most European languages to my knowledge) is a pro-drop language, that is, you typically don't include the pronoun, unless you want to use it for some kind of emphasis.


why is En nem festek szekeket wrong?


It definitely isn't. I recommend you to "pay attention to the accents", though, it's not a big deal nowadays to set a different keyboard layout. Some words overlap if you don't use them, also it matters a lot at pronunciation - so while we might be able to understand what you write, it makes your job harder if you ever want to pronounce words.

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