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Where is the word list?

In my other languages I can see the list of words I have learnt so far, but that bar has not appeared for me for my Greek words? Is everyone experiencing this? How can I get this option?

September 3, 2016



There is not a tab for Words in many languages.

Since you are studying Spanish I suggest going to the Spanish course. Go to the Home page.

Then opening a second window and open duolingo in that window to Greek.

Go back to the first window and hit Words.

The Words should be your Greek Words.

Notice Spanish flag by picture but Greek Words.


αχ δουλεύει!! ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!


will there ever be a tab for greek words without doing this?


In all the time I've been here they have not added the tab to any language. Only the original languages have a tab.

I've seen no good reason for them not to add one. It's a weird company. They seem to care little (or less) about what users want.

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Well, I was about to reply above that the new languages didn't have that feature but abracadabra you pulled it out of your hat.


I get an Error 404 when I do that. Any extension or API that could give me the word list?


I don't suppose anyone has an answer to Kmchatk's question? I would also like to know if there is a user-created solution. The method WildSage describes doesn't work for me either, unfortunately.


I have the same problem as well . . .

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As far as I know, this trick does not work any more.


I like the buritos.

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