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  5. "Sie wird mich vergessen."

"Sie wird mich vergessen."

Translation:She is going to forget me.

February 8, 2014



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But I heard that "forget: vergessen" is one of those annoying "dative only" verbs.


Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on the point of view) – vergessen is not a dative verb.

You could check this list (be sure to look at part one and part two, which is linked below the table on the first page) whether you spot a verb that you could have confused with vergessen.

But „Sie wird mich vergessen.“ is the correct translation.


Would someone link the full url for mobile users to access the article?


Right in the feels.


I see that using "will" or "going to" is both correct. But when describing Future I, is there a noted distinction between "She is going to forget me" and "She will forget me"? Is there a proper way to know when to use "will" or "going to"?


No, Germans don't make a distinction.


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Why is the verb (vergessen) in plural if its talked about one person forgetting another, not plural?


It's the same difference between forget in "she forgets me" and "she will forget me"


It's not in the singular or plural form, agreeing with any person -- it's in the infinitive form (the base form, dictionary form).

As in English, where "forget" is in the base form and not in the form "forgets" that would correspond to "she".

The inflected verb, the one that agrees with the subject, is wird.

(The wir and sie, Sie forms look the same as the infinitive except in the verb "to be", though, so you can't tell those apart just by looking at them. The ihr form is different, though, so there's not "a plural form" of a verb which is used for all plural subjects.)


Why can't it be they instead of she?


Sie wird - she will. Sie werden - they/formal you will


Ok, is it SHE because of WIRD instead of VERGESSEN? Maybe that's why I keep getting it wrong.


That's right.


Sie werden mich nicht vergessen lassen. They will not let me forget. I am confused as to how this sentence works . . . how does one know that "me" is the one not forgetting, and not "they"? OOooh! Perhaps this is why: "Sie werden sich mich nicht vergessen lassen." They will not let themselves forget me." ???


Yeees... but the sentence is confusing and I had to think about it for moment before I realised that it probably means what you intend.

It'd be clearer so say Sie werden es nicht zulassen, dass sie mich vergessen "They will not permit forgetting me" (or literally, They will not permit it, that they forget me).


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Why not "Sie wird vergessen mich"


Because the infinitive vergessen has to be at the end of the sentence.


So, why Duolingo made it like that so WILL is incorect ,only is going to is correct ?


What was the sentence that you wrote?

There are accepted alternatives that include the word "will".


Why not simply, "She will forget me"?


That's an accepted translation as well.


vergessen is a normal transitive verb -- it's (direct) object thus has to be in the accusative case (mich) rather than the dative (mir).


Dang, the last one I just got was "He will always love her" :(


Interesting, I've first heard of "vergessen" in Mein Land (yes that song is controversial due to its lyrics) and yes it's another Rammstein reference.

Rammstein is so helpful in teaching German lol.

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