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  5. "He does not fit."

"He does not fit."

Translation:Αυτός δεν κάνει.

September 4, 2016



Δεν καταλαβαίνω...what does this sentence mean exactly? Is he trying to sit in a chair that is too small? Is he trying to get into a car with too many people? ...? I guess what really confuses me is that the verb is "κάνει"- I thought that that meant "does/makes"...


For both of your examples, I would suggest "Αυτός δε χωράει".

"Αυτός δεν κάνει" means that he is not the appropriate person for a concrete task. (or at least this is the meaning I can think of right now) :-)


Thanks so much for your reply- I understand now. However, I must say that, as an English speaker, "He does not fit" with that meaning (i.e. "he is not the appropriate person") is quite rare- as far as I now, it's only used in some businesses in their human resources department (and I did not even know this- a friend who is a manager told me). In general, I would probably say something like "he is not the right one" or "he is not ideal" or perhaps "he is not the right fit" (notice on the last option, it still has the word "fit" but it is a noun modified by the adjective "right," so the expression is "to be the right fit" which is different from the verb "to fit").

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