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  5. "Péter azt a kenyeret eszi."

"Péter azt a kenyeret eszi."

Translation:Péter is eating that bread.

September 4, 2016



I typed Peter eats that bread. It rejected it saying I had used the wrong word underlining Peter just presumably without the accent. I do not understand it as usually that is referred to as a typo. I presume it is a computer glitch but did anyone else have the same problem.


Thankyou so much it has worked and I have learnt a new technological trick. Congrats


I cannot finish the exercise now as I cannot put the accent on as I can't find it in my samsung tablet. They were available before the app but now I cannot access the website. Any suggestions, I would like to finish the course. Meanwhile I am just going back. I certainly need it.


If you have a smartphone or tablet, then chances are that long-pressing the basic letter will result in a pop-up with accented versions of that letter, e.g. é è ê ë for e. Then slide your finger onto the accented version and let go.

Accented letters are often easier to type on a mobile device than on a laptop/PC :)

(Though it's possible that those popups won't include ő ű: in an English keyboard, the list may be optimised for western European languages such as German or French but not for, say, Hungarian or Turkish.)


I will give it a go. In the meantime I have a lot of revision.

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