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  5. "אני ממליץ על זה."

"אני ממליץ על זה."

Translation:I recommend it.

September 4, 2016



what is wrong with " I am recommending this"?


There was another similar example here but without "על" אז, מה את ממליצה? So in which cases would one use "על" ?


To recommend <noun> - להמליץ על

To recommend <infinitive/gerund> - להמליץ

He recommended this computer - הוא המליץ על המחשב הזה

He recommended buying this computer - הוא המליץ לקנות את המחשב הזה


Ani mamlitz al ze


Why is I reccommend this wrong?


Ok, first I wrote I recomend this and was marked wrong. It told me the correct answer was I recommend it. I figured, maybe it's an expression. So next time I wrote I recommend it and was again marked wrong. The correct answer? I recommend it.


Whenever I get a verb like this I sooooo want to say את, not על.


If I translate it as "making a recommendation" it looks more inviting of the על to me.

I am making a recommendation ABOUT this.

Maybe the noun המלצה is kinda in the verb ממליץ. Any comments or thoughts? להמליץ is Hiphil, right? And Hiphil is what kind of verb, again?


הפועל הזה מקבל רק מילות יחס "על". זה חוק ברזל.


Well, just saying something is a "law" isn't ever good enough. There has to be a reason why. I propose the possibility for using על is that one stands upon whatever it is they recommend, like the old saying "stand your ground."


להמליץ - "to recommend", ממליץ - "recommend", המלצה - "recommendation" מקבלים מלים כזאת מפועלים, למשל מרגיש - הרגשה.


If I am am woman can't I say: אני ממליצה על זה

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