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10K learners

Amazing news!!! We have reached ten thousand learners in 4 days!!! Thank you very much for making this happen!!! We have still a lot of mistakes to correct. This is quite difficult as there are approximately 6,000 Greek sentences and 6,000 English translations. We need your help in order to improve the course. You can report a problem or comment on a wrong sentence. Then, we will receive notification and we can correct it in less than a minute.

Thank you very much for your support,

Η Ελληνική ομάδα

September 4, 2016



amazing work guys! congrats on the success! here's to when it reaches the first million ;)


I give my congratulation all those who are learning Greek, and to the devs to, good job, and I hope that you get many more learners :)


Congratulations to the whole team! I'm only at 17% of the tree but I'm really liking it so far.


Thank you so much for all of your hard work


Yay! I was gone for a week and came back to find the Greek course was in Beta. The next day, it has 10,000 learners! Amazing! :D


That's amazing! A lot of learners will be here soon, since the Percy Jackson books are around Greek. It would be amazing to read the Iliad in it's original language!

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Request. When reporting sentences please give some background so we can find them to check or edit. For example: "Clothes" "Personal pronouns" etc . I

If your answer was reject please include what the sentence was and what you had typed.

At this point there are some things we cannot alter: original sentences that is in a Greek to English section we cannot alter the Greek sentence. And the opposite for the English to Greek. In addition, we cannot change the audio: neither the sound, nor the pronunciation, nor the sentences. We hope in th future we'll be able to make those changes.

We look forward to your feedback.


I just want to make sure I understand: give background when reporting sentences in the forums seems reasonable. Should we also provide these details (name of the lesson, what we typed, etc.) when reporting through the builtin system (during the lesson)?


If you report a sentence by clicking the Report buttom, you should to write a freewrite report describing the problem of the sentence. The report wil appear in the problematic sentence so we don't need more information.

If you write a comment you should provide the above details (lesson, what you typed e.t.c) :)


10 K users have clicked on the course. How many users have reached level 2 - 3 - 4? Most of them will have problems with the pronunciation, the keyboard,... and never reach level 2 , 3 , ...

It's a fact for all the Duolingo courses: many clicks on them and are users, but not learners.


This is amazing! I thought Greek was not that famous, but it actually is!


A feedback from all users and the level they arrived so far could be useful. It would be quite interesting to see how many are interested in Greek language all around the world. It would be a statistical semantic parameter for those who are working to develop Greek language lessons, not only in DL which is a real revolutionary approach to language learning, but also who are working exclusively in Greek language development. I am a native Greek speaking and didn't manage to go further the level I am now, trying to exhaust all tree and keep them gold in the same time. The progress shows how difficult or not is for somebody to learn Greek, without much knowledge of Grammar, a taboo for most. Thinking that that there is an psychological obstacle in learning Greek, that is expressed in the phrase: "That's Greek to me" or "It's (all) Greek to me" shows that it is the method that plays an important role, not the language herself. I think this obstacle is a ghost that will disappear soon. Greek was a lingua franca during the Hellenistic period, the difficulty of the language didn't had influence to those people to learn and use it. It is quite interesting and important to decipher Greek as a language for the modern world. Actually it open a door to a whole culture. Of course it is not the only one which does it. Each language is a culture. I wish the phrases used by the Greek team could be more culture-oriented. It is valid for all languages in DL. A parameter that the discussion in each phrase may promote more. But at least all the unnatural phrases leave from DL if possible. Am I asking too much from DL?


Γεια σο ?

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