"Ideülünk és olvasunk."

Translation:We sit down here and we read.

September 4, 2016

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we sit here and read is not accepted. Why? we sit down here is not: leülünk ide? or ide leülünk?


From what I understand, if you have a movement preverb + something like ül or áll, then it indicates movement to a place that finishes with a state represented by ül, áll, etc.

"movement that finishes with sitting" is usually "sit down" in English; the nuance of "movement UP/HERE/THERE/ACROSS that finishes with sitting" gets lost in translation.

"we sit here" would be itt ülünk (location).

Perhaps "We come over here and sit down" might be a bit more precise for ideülünk, if you want to distinguish it from leülünk which is merely "sit down"?


Thank you. I was thinking along the lines that I am reading while being seated here, not sitting down and then reading.


Yes, it is sitting down first, then starting to read.

If we are already sitting, then it is "Itt ülünk és olvasunk".


Could this be translated as "we will sit here then read?"


I think "We sit here and read" should be accepted. English does not do as good a job of distinguishing between moving and still verbs as Hungarian does. "We sit down here" does tend to indicate the movement in this example, but "sit" is exceptional in this usage.

The more literal translation would be "We sit to here and read", although of course this is not correct English.


"We sit here and we read." Is that a correct translation? (not accepted)

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