"Have you already read this flyer?"

Translation:כבר קראתָ את העלון הזה?

September 4, 2016

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Well, obviously a derivation from the botanical word for leaf עָלֶה, like the formation leaflet.


תרגום שאילה מאנגלית: leaflet, מבסיס leaf – עלה, והמוספית let- להקטנה.


Fantastic analysis! Thank you!


Is it wrong to start the sentence with אתה? (I realize that the verb makes it unnecessary.) Also, the answer seems to insist on the vowel under the תָ. That seems wrong if we have no subject, since the subject could be את.


It is not wrong to start with אתה, but it would feel emphasized, Have you already read? As for the vowel, it's true both קראתְ and קראתָ are correct and I'm sure both are accepted in addition to no nikkud, which is ambiguous.


There is nikkud on this exercise now.


questions kind of like the verb at the beginning in Heb.


I was marked wrong for the following:

כבר את קראת את העלון הזה?

The first את was for you, feminine, and I'm sure that's why I was dinged. I found the pronoun necessary because I don't know how to type nikud, or even if there is a way to do so.


Well, the front position of כְּבָר already is the problem, it has to go with the verb, not the pronoun. Have already you (and not another one) read this flyer does not make much sense here.


קָרָאתָ karata

Past tense, 2nd person, masculine, singular:

you m. sg. read


Kvar qarata et ha-alon haze?

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