"I am running there, and you are coming here."

Translation:Én odafutok, te pedig idejössz.

September 4, 2016

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another trap? three options are presented. one of them obviously wrong. One is én odafutok, ES te idejössz, the other one én odafutok, te idejossz (without es). I checked the first one only. My answer was rejected because I did not check both.


Well, those two mean pretty much the same thing, so maybe that is why both should be selected.


The correct solution "Én odafutok, és te meg idejössz" is confusing me. Aren't és and meg effectively twice the word "and"?


Yes, you are right. But it does occur like that in speech. Like when people use "also" and "as well" in the same sentence in English. It probably should not occur in a language course though.


'Odafutok, te pedig idejössz' wasn't accepted - is that because if you use 'pedig' you have to show that contrast with 'én' and 'te'?

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