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Ancient Greek vs Modern Greek: Which do you prefer, and why?

Obviously there's many forms of Greek, but I've just simplified them down to Ancient (Attic) Greek vs Modern. Which of these two do you prefer and why? If you don't prefer either, which other form of Greek do you prefer and why?

I personally prefer Ancient Greek because I love it's pitch accent system. Also, I'm a fan of it's aspirated consonants, they just sound nicer.

September 4, 2016



Some dialects of Greek still preserve the aspirated consonants, the cypriot dialect for example. Now between the ancient and modern..ancient greek in my opinion had more meaning in the words than the modern language. But languages evolve for better or for worse. As for me i prefer some dialect rather than the standard modern greek because they have more sounds and rich vocabulary that is actually used.

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I don't think that the modern language has less meaning in the words. We just learn ancient greek from philosophers and theatrical plays. We don't get to get a grasp of the normal ancient greek's use of the language or deeper knowledge of it. I mean that we deal with ancient greek as if it was spoken daily like philosophers tend to write, but that is not true. Also, modern greek has a powerful ability to create words on the fly (as did ancient greek i believe) and of course has enriched its vocabulary over those centuries.


Of course, not everyone spoke like the philosophers but still when you see the ancient writing you can easily understand the root of the words depending on which era we speak as ancient of course. Besides modern greek massacred a lot of the orthography for the sake of simplicity and this is getting even worse with the years.Simplicity is not always for the better. Every letter has its meaning and today we somehow forget that. By no means i didn't mean that modern greek has limited vocabulary...But how much of this vocabulary we actually use in casual conversations? or even worse how much of the vocabulary do people really know. Now if you see the dialects they still have a lot of archaic words if spoken purely without the intervention of modern greek and they even have sounds that are long extinct from the modern language. All of the foresaid depends on each person of course and how well he/she uses the language even as it is now. If used correctly, modern greek is a great and beautiful language~This goes for all the modern languages of course.

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its true that simplicity is not good. I don't think that many words changed their orthography, though. The root is still obvious to the greek speaker with a little deeper knowledge of the language.


Ancient, because my Ancient Greek textbook starts with "Thales the philosopher, one of the seven sages, speaks about the cosmos like this" and I like the ancient philosophy partly because I was born in another country with long history and ancient philosophy.


I strongly prefer Modern Greek. It has an authentic lived-in feeling to it. Whenever I hear someone trying to do the ancient Greek pitch accent system, it sounds forced and exaggerated, probably because there aren't any native speakers of ancient Greek to help refine it. A big part of the fun for me of a new language is trying to see if I can make myself understood by a native speaker, and those are only available for Modern Greek. In the West, I find that interest in Greece after the classical period is almost non-existent - it's like people here forget that Greece and Greek people continued to exist and be interesting after the New Testament period. Bringing Modern Greek to the fore is a nice corrective to that.


I prefer Koine because I learnt some of it first (also no pesky accents)


Ancient. 'o agros esti mikros, 'o povos de esti makros.


I prefer Attic Greek because the grammar is so regular. Demotic has so many more exceptions to rules (although there are less rules).

Homeric Greek is the worst, hands down. Hundreds of years of grammar, exceptions and strange words conflated into an almost unrecognizable mess.

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