"Odasétál vagy odafut?"

Translation:Is she walking there or running there?

September 4, 2016

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What about formal? Like in German? This course needs a bit of improvement. I'm a Hungarian native just taking the course out of curiosity.


So many things to add, so little time. It'll take a while.
But then I have to ask: if you go to formal speech, wouldn't you usually spell out the pronoun, too? "Ön odasétál vagy odafut?"


You could but if you knew the context in this case it would not be necessary. This particular example could mean: Is he walking or running there? or Are You walking or running there? "You" is supposed to show that it is formal. Sometimes I feel that a picture would help the student decide what the situation is. Hope I helped.


You help greatly. There's a lot of learn about Hungarian. :D
Translating from English to Hungarian is a bit daunting anyway, since for one particular verb you can end up with eight different translations in the worst case (you singular/plural, informal/formal, indefinite/definite). And, like in this case, four in the other direction (he/she/it, and you). So, patience while this course is built up and use the report function wherever needed. :)


does he walk there of run there is rejected. reported.


Why doesn't Is she walking or running over there work?


Rox, it's probably just not in the database yet. It's a good translation.


------ i hope you reported ? . . .

Big 2 feb 21

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