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  5. "האריה גדול."

"האריה גדול."

Translation:The lion is big.

September 4, 2016



I did not hear a ה at the beginning!


I've noticed the android app often cuts off the very beginning of a phrase, if that's what you were using.


I agree, I do not hear the ה at the beginning either

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Why isn't "The big lion" acceptable?


That would need a definite article on "big" as well:

האריה הגדול

Tips and notes: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/he/Adjectives1-basics/tips-and-notes


I was marked wrong for saying "the lion is huge" . Lol, that's what I get for trying to be funny xD


Yea, why isn't the "the big lion" acceptable??


I think it is because "the big lion" would be האריה הגדול


I heard the hey, but it marked me wrong for using great, since gadol means great that was imho badly done. Yes I know Its a size thing, like "or gadol" I did it to see what happen.


It should be not the lion is big, but the lioness is big since we have an ה in the end. Duolingo is very inconsistent for when it comes to סוס it is a mare not a horse while here male version is accepted only..


Duo is inconsistent because Hebrew itself is inconsistent. There are many irregular endings that we will have to learn one-by-one.

We know that this is a masculine word because the adjective is also in masculine form. Hebrew adjectives are more "truthful" than the nouns. :-)

Maybe it was just a typo, but "mare" is: סוסה


The ה is missed at the beginning so I would have got it right as I put A Big Lion. Annoying!

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