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"Negative one plus three equals two."

Translation:מינוס אחת ועוד שלוש שווה שתיים.

September 4, 2016



mínus achát ve-ód shalósh shavé shtáyim.


Is פחות and מינוס interchangeable? Because I wrote מינוס for minus and it was marked wrong and then in a different question when i put פחות for negative I got that wrong as well.


Not here. פחות can be used only when subtracting, while מינוס can be used both for negative number and subtracting.


please explain why numbers as nouns (as opposed to numbers as adjectives) have gender, and given that, why it matters which gender I choose.


Because every word in Hebrew has a gender... the rule is that counting numbers and ordinal numbers are always feminine.


Because that's how the language works.


I think I understand where you're coming from. This gender feature for numbers offers ways of being more succinct, and also intentionally ambiguous. For example, I know in the Bible there are places where a prophecy will have only a number as the object of the sentence. And I find it helpful—even essential—to look at the gender of that number to determine what it could be pertaining to. AlmogL and flootzavut are right, but there is a reason for it, and perhaps this prophetic ambiguity feature of the language may at least partially address it.

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