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  5. "רובנו שונאים את זה."

"רובנו שונאים את זה."

Translation:Most of us hate this.

September 4, 2016



Is רובנו "most of us" or "the majority of us", or doesn't it matter? (DL rejects the latter.)


Well, רֹב is a noun, which means "majority", so you are right, but "most of us" would be the more natural way to express this in English.


Isn't "the majority of us" the same?


Yes, it is רֹב "majority" combined with a suffix: רֻבֵּ֫נוּ.


Pealim says that רובנו is pronounced rubanu, but she says rubenu. Are both acceptable?


It has to be pronounced רֻבֵּ֫נוּ [ru'benu], because רֹב takes the usual suffixes for NOUNS. Pronouns take [-anu], like לָ֫נוּ etc.


Fantastic analysis, Ingeborg!


Just out of curiosity. What does the nikkud on top of the bet in your sentence mean? I never understood those nekkudot that sit on top or below consonants but are not vocals (as far as I know). Are they for cantillation or do they tell you where to stress the syllable?


Well, yes, technically it is the cantillation mark עוֹלֶה֫, but it is used in some teaching materials as an indicator for the word stress, especially if it is not on the ultimate. Some others materials use the מֶֽתֶג, but Meteg has traditionally other uses too. In the phonetic script I use the IPA symbol for primary stress [ˈ] as you see in [ru'benu].

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