"I hate roundabouts."

Translation:אני שונא כיכרות.

September 4, 2016

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Ani sone kikarot.


The US version of this sentence is:

I hate traffic circles.


The sentence אני שונא את כיכרות is marked as only "Almost Correct" in E->H here, and corrected to

אני שונאת כיכרות

Does this mean that only a feminine inflection is correct, or that we should collapse the following את to a final ת at the end of the verb ?

(In the "choose all correct translations" exercise, the masculine version seems to be accepted )


It means that את was redundant because כיכרות is not definite. The fact that it accepted it as a typo for אני שונאת is probably a cute software glitch.


Either the original Hebrew sentence was in the feminine form, or God is a woman.


God is a woman regardless :-) but I was thinking the software recognised שונא את as שונאת with a typo. Just my thinking, you would know better.


I never know better than anyone... I think the engine "allows" for only one typo, but I have seen some weird cases.

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