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  5. "אני אוהב את דגל ישראל."

"אני אוהב את דגל ישראל."

Translation:I like the flag of Israel.

September 4, 2016



If it's "the" flag, why isn't there a ״ה״ prefix? i.e. shouldn't it be "אני אוהב את הדגל הישראל?״" Or if it's construct state "דגל הישראל"


It's a construct, but Israel doesn't need the definite article, it's already definite without it. Generally names are considered definite without an article and don't take the article.


Another question: why is not necessary to insert "של", like "דגל של ישראל", "flag OF Israel"?


As mentioned above, it's in construct form; you don't need the 'של'. Like with עוגת שוקולד, you don't need the 'של', even though it is a cake /of/ chocolate.


Why isn't accepting "I like the Israel's flag" ? Is this answer wrong?


That is incorrect grammar in English. 'Israel' does not take a 'the'. As the commentator above said, it's already definite. (Similarly you wouldn't say 'the New York' or 'the Sally'.)


Something wrong with "I like the Israeli flag."?


Why is Israelian flag not correct?


It's not correct because Israelian is a rare, nonstandard word in English. It cannot be used to refer to an inhabitant of modern Israel, or as an adjective to mean something from modern Israel. It has a purely Biblical context. You need to use the word Israeli, in the same way that you use the words Nepali and Bengali, which are constructed in the same way.

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