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  5. "למושלים יש חוקים משלהם."

"למושלים יש חוקים משלהם."

Translation:The governors have their own laws.

September 4, 2016



Not sure that I understand the meaning of מושלים - I thought it was just a ruler, but I find that The rulers have rules of their own is rejected as "incorrect"

What kind of "governors" are we talking about here - some more particular institutional role, like the "Governor of the Bank of England" ?

(In UK etc English at least "governors" is not a word that is used for the general set of those who govern or rule)


I've only ever seen the word מושלים as a translation for the American term "governors", as in state governors (I think? not an expert on American politics). Although literally it can mean rulers, people who rule. In fact the word we use for "rulers" is שליטים.


In the US, the governor is the head of a state. For example, Chris Sununu is the governor of New Hampshire.


"למושלים יש חוקיים משאלהם" I saw this sentence with an aleph, is that correct? "משאלהם"


No, it was probably a typo


Without the nikud, I can't see why the article is needed. I wrote, "Governors have laws of their own." and was marked wrong because the sentence lacks "The" at the beginning. Could someone please explain, and let me know whether it should be reported. Thank you in advance.


It does not have nekudot but it has audio and it says la mushlim yesh khukim mi shelahem. la mushlim=the governors, l'mushlim=governors.


Why is "governors have laws of their own" rejected ?


that's why... :-)


אני שומע בפעם הראשונה: למושלים יש זקוקים משלהם.

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