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  5. "This is my cat."

"This is my cat."

Translation:Αυτή είναι η γάτα μου.

September 4, 2016



For some reason this is the first level I've really struggled with. I really don't know why, as i pretty much understand the possessives but I've just been tripping up all over this lesson.


how you can understand in English that it is a FEMALE cat !!???


A female cat is called a "queen" in English. But, this could lead to misunderstandings if you used the word out of context. "This is my female cat." would work.


the question in that lesson uses the word " cat" and expects the right answer as "γιατα " ...this was the problem....


I don't know if you are interested in Greek anymore, but here some information about the word for cat in Greek:

(H) Γάτα can be both, masculine or feminine. The special name of the masculine γάτα is (ο) γάτος. The female cat is γάτα. If you don't know the sex of the cat you can say simply γάτα. The kitten is called (το) γατάκι, sometimes used for cats of all ages, to express your love to a cat.


Duolingo gave me the correct answer as, "αυτό είναι το γατί μου". Does anybody know why it would be γατί and not γάτα ?


Probably because you may have typed in "Αυτό είναι το γάτα μου", which is inccorect. Η γάτα is feminine as a noun, while το γατί is neuter. So, Duolingo matched your answer to the translation that it was the closest to. :P

Γάτα usually refers to female cats only. Γατί either refers to a small cat, or a cat of either female or male gender. ^.^


Please, Please, Please somebody tell me what the new spelling rules are!


Why αυτό and not αυτη?


Wrong hint! We removed it! Thanks for the report :)


I was actually asking if that was the correct syntax in Greek :)


Ahhh really sorry! Yes, this is the order in Greek. The possesive usually goes after the noun!


Any help with writing the correct answer on a english keyboard would be gratefully received.... i've tried multiple variants of the spelling (including ones that have worked elsewhere) but it's not accepting them. Thanks!


why not αυτή είναι η δική γάτα μου ?


"Αυτή είναι η δική μου γάτα" would translate to "This is my own cat." ^.^


I can’t type in Greek on my keyboard

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Click here to see how to get the Greek keyboard: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22040507
Welcome to the Greek course!


I love how in my native language "mu" after a noun means "your" and it's the opposite here


haha its the same thing with yes or "nai" which I always viewed as a no b4 learning

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