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  5. "Ви мій викладач."

"Ви мій викладач."

Translation:You are my professor.

September 4, 2016



Are there differences between "вкладач" and "учитель"?


IMHO in spoken language both words without particular context can be used as synonyms, as both terms are for people who provide some sort of education. Though "викладач" is close to English term "lecturer", i.e. a kind of academic rank or official position in a teaching institution which also assumes that there are some particular disciplines in which a person provides the service (for instance "викладач англійської мови з університету"), and "учитель" or "вчитель" is for general description of a person who works with student(s) of some kind (though also can be used as official profession, for instance "учитель старших класів", "учитель математики"). For instance if you are speaking of a person from a university it will be more appropriate to call him or her "викладач" and for karate-master the term "учитель" is more preferable.


There are no punctuation marks to start this example. Couldn't this answer also be " Are you my professor?"?

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