Immersion 404

Do immersion articles get purged off the server for any reason, or perhaps does their address get changed for any other reason?

I was working on translating an article about Sechsundsechsig (card game), and it was working fine yesterday, but now I get a 404 error when I try to go back to the article. I can still see it in my "your edits" tab, but the link ( ends up redirecting to a 404 Error page. Thanks.

February 8, 2014


The link you shared directs to the article :/ You shouldn't be having an issue. Still happening when you click on that link?

Hmm... yes. Still getting redirected to the same error page ( Tried logging out and even switching computers... I can try switching browsers, I guess.

No luck switching from Chrome to Firefox, either.

Also tried having my wife try from her login and that also didn't yield anything different. Thanks for working on this.

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