"Are you the farmers?"

Translation:אתן האיכריות?

September 5, 2016

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is there a difference between איכרי and חקלאי? I've seen both used to mean "farmer".


It's איכר, and it's a bit outdated, modern farmers would be referred to as חקלאי. By the way, I don't think איכריות is correct, it should be איכרות.


Duo writes it as איכריות not איכרות, so if it's wrong you should probably report it...?


I'm not doing the course, so I can't report. :-)


We're talking about farmers (plural). I expect that the feminine for איכר is איכרי (or maybe אכרי, without the first י), so wouldn't the feminine plural be איכריות? But I'm just guessing here - I'm not a native speaker.


It's a good guess, but the feminine of איכר is איכרה, therefore איכרות. It's not a word frequently used in modern Hebrew so I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's a mistake here. איכרי/איכרית/איכריים/איכריות would be the adjectival forms, "pertaining to farmers or farming".

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