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  5. "το γράμμα βήτα"

"το γράμμα βήτα"

Translation:The letter veeta

September 5, 2016

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These letter questions are inconsistent. Some expect a single letter and reject it when spelled out, others, like this one, only accept the spelled out version. I'd suggest always accepting both the spelled out and single letter version on all dictation questions.


I agree! It's annoying and confusing to be guessing which version it will accept, and to get it wrong even though, technically, there's no way of telling just by listening what it wants as an answer. :(


In the same lesson: One time it asks me this question and I answer βήτα but it wants only β so marks me wrong. Now I answer β and it accepts only βήτα so it marks me wrong! This only slows down learning the language and makes it more confusing. Pick either the letter itself always for answers or the proper name of the letter for answers or even better accept both. It's very challenging to learn a whole new alphabet so please don't make it more confusing for us.


Really inconsistent, in the same lesson I got this listening exercise once to just use the letter by itself, and this one I have to spell it out completely.


why not beta? "veeta" could be confusing since it seems like an entirely different letter...

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Why not ‘vita’?


just leave it as a suggestion, they'll probably end up accepting it down the road - it's how we help the team go from "beta" to "stable" :D

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Is that from "veeta" to "stable" now?


Not sure, I think the official translation would be Beta. Maybe the greek was going for the actual sound of it here, in which case 'veeta' is accurate. Don't think vita is far off though, so it should probably be accepted.

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