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Test your proficiency (LanguageTrainers.com)

Here's a good (free) test, which tests the following languages (results are given via email):

I got 39/70 in Spanish, which is classed as intermediate. I'm getting there, slowly. Definitely something I'll come back to, to see if I've improved.

Intermediate Level Description: You can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc. You can deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where the language is spoken. You can produce simple connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest. You can also describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes & ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans. Equivalent to a B1.

What did you get, and in which language? :)

Edit: Here are some listening tests from the same website!!!

Update: Got 42/70 on the second try!! I think I'm going to screenshot the test next time - because I'm not progressing as much as I'd like to - so I can learn more about the sentence structures it includes. I know that's basically cheating, but there's a lot of information on there I'd like to learn, and be able to use in my Spanish. I won't be able to use the test as a true test of my proficiency any more, because I will have studied for the test... But I figure I might as well use the information there!

September 5, 2016



Thanks for sharing - A Lingot for you! :)


Sad there's no Irish.


That sucks. Here's a link (I can't attest to how good it is, though): http://www.transparent.com/learn-irish/proficiency-test.html


I took French and Spanish. (edit: and Dutch)

French: 56/70 (Upper intermediate)

Spanish: 52/70 (Intermediate)

Dutch: 52/70 (Intermediate)

I found the Spanish test to be much harder than the French. I would consider my Spanish to be a bit better than my French as far as reading and writing go (my listening and speaking are miles better in Spanish), but it was rough. Maybe it's just because I've been focusing on French more lately. Anyways, thanks for the link! I gave you some lingots. If I take any more tests I'll edit this post.

Edit: I also think this focuses mostly on grammar. I have a solid grammatical knowledge of Dutch but my vocabulary is wayyyyyy bigger in Romance languages, which this test doesn't showcase.


I thought the Spanish test was much harder too. I only scored 27 which rather horrified me. Although I basicly gave up part way through so I might have got a few more points if I had really tried. I can understand spoken Spanish really well but haven't worked on grammar for ages which clearly showed.

I got 40 for Italian which was also a bit disappointing but B1 is probably about right, 50 in Swedish, also B1 (although I would have thought I would do better in Italian) And 58 and 59 for German and French respectively, so upper intermediate/B2 which is again probably about right.

I am relieved to report that I scored 70 on the English test:)


Awesome! What do you use other than Duolingo?


Don't know what to think. I did the French and Italian tests.

French: 66/70

Italian: 60/70

My "real" level in French and Italian is not that high, really. I read books in French and Italian quite comfortably, but my speaking abilities are not very good yet.

Anyway, I've noticed that I have more doubts now in Italian (Italian grammar questions, I mean) than in French, and the scores in both tests kind of show that slightly.

I feel more comfortable speaking Italian than French right now, so maybe if a French native and an Italian native speak with me for an hour, they would possibly think my Italian is a bit better than my French.

But in a written exam, I may possibly score slightly higher in French than in Italian, as it was in this case.


53/70 in Portuguese (still about 20 skills to finish the tree here on Duolingo). Obviously my knowledge of Spanish, French and Italian helped me in the Portuguese test, given that it is a "select the correct option" kind of test.


I have also done the English test and got 68/70 (failed at two of the "put up", "put by", .... type of questions).

As you all know, no test is perfect. My scores in English and French in this test have been almost identical (66 and 68) but in reality I feel my level in English is much much much higher than in French.


70/70 in Spanish, but it was by far the hardest one (out of the five languages I tried: French, Italian, Portuguese, English and Spanish).


Well done!!! There are listening tests on the website as well - see the edit on the main post - but it only goes up to intermediate so it might be too easy for you, haha.


This looks interesting! I'll try French and Spanish and I'll edit the comment w/ my results!

French: Intermediate

Spanish:I found out how to do / out of 70, 50/70(my Spanish grammar sucks!!)


Awesome test actually, covered pretty much every grammatical rule. Scored 56/70 in German, and was considered Upper Intermediate. There were still a bunch of words I didn't know but could still figure out the answer by process of elimination. Thanks for this, lingot for you!


Thank you, and well done on your German proficiency!!!

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