"I go when he goes."

Translation:אני הולך מתי שהוא הולך.

September 5, 2016

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I thought that מתי was only meant to be used in the form of a question, and that כשה or כאשר would be used in this context?


I'm not sure what the formal rule is about this type of sentence, but a lot of people use מתי ש and איפה ש, myself included sometimes. אני הולך כשהוא הולך sounds more correct but not too formal for conversation, so I'd say you're safe with that.


We decided to scarp that although it is permissible by the Academy. For some reason it's still on. It's a bug.


My translation was in feminine gender and was refused, although in English is the same word for both genders. The word מתי , is, as far as I understand , to be used in the question, but not in the answer. un the answer, the correct form is" כאשר", or "...כש". Does anyone agree/desagree with me?

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