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"The child neither eats nor drinks."

Translation:Đứa trẻ không ăn mà cũng không uống.

September 5, 2016



I don't understand why only this sentence of all the khong .... ma cung examples does not need phai


When the verb "là" is negated, you have to use "":

  • Đây không phải là mèo, nen dây là chó không? (This is not a cat, is this a dog?)
  • Không phải, đây là con hèo của tôi. Bạn thích nó không? (No, this is my pig. Do you like it?)
  • Không, nó không đêp và nó không nhảy múa. (No, it is not beautiful and it does not dance)

Se how when using with an adjective or another verb than là, we don't use "phải".


I don't understand why "không phải" construction is not allowed??


With the knowledge of following lessons I think the literal translation would be: "the child does not eat but also does not drink".

This way the construction is easier to remember for me.

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