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"A csinos óvónők épületről épületre repülnek."

Translation:The pretty kindergarten teachers fly from building to building.

September 5, 2016



I like that "épületről épületre" means "from building to building." It's a very literal translation, but apparently both languages have the same expression.


If I've learned anything in the past 5 months since I posted the above, there's a bit more to the original expression "épületről épületre." In English, we'd just say "from building to building," but that doesn't tell you anything about the relationship between the people and the buildings. From the English translation, it could be saying that they're going into a building to look for something, not finding it, coming out of it, and going into the next building. But "épületről épületre" is saying that they went from the top of one building, onto the top of another building, which is a different thing altogether, and doesn't fit the mental image one would get just by saying "from building to building" - when talking about people, anyway.


Again with the flying kindergarten teachers...


óvónők repülnek?


------ pe'ter, you're the last one to find this out . . .

Big 13 aug 20


Present continuous why not acceptable?


It is. If you report it, they will add it (but maybe not immediately - there's a lot of backlog).


Is there a need for definite article here? Sometimes Duo prefers to drop it (which is correct, imho), but not here :(


------- a definite article ? which definite article ? where would you put it ? . . .

Big 14 apr 19


...from building by building...?


From building to building.

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