"Az emberek az étteremben maradnak."

Translation:The people stay in the restaurant.

September 5, 2016

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When did we learn the -ben postposition?


We have seen this before, although it hasn’t yet been explained. From early-on in this course we had acquired “délben” (“at noon”) as part of our vocabulary.

I just looked it up. Although its function is similar to a postposition, “-ben” is actually a case ending for the inessive case, a locative grammatical case carrying the basic meaning of “in” or “ at”.


I agree. I've never seen this "ben" before.


Isn't "remain" a better word for "maradnak"? It is not in the suggested words by Duolingo.


Suggested words simply suck, partially because of how the system works and partially because the creators did a sloppy job and it's near impossible to change. Having said that, I don't think "remain" would fit better here than "stay".


'Az emberek' should be 'The people' anyone else had a problem with this?


Should it? Remember that Hungarian uses the definite article for general statements as well (see e.g. the tips and notes at https://www.duolingo.com/skill/hu/Adjectives-1 , at the bottom).


Thanks I understand the point that you make and I see why it is necessary to add the definite article in the Hungarian sentence but I was marked wrong for translating it as :- "The" people stay in the restaurant. Which I feel is a little harsh.


Indeed. Both English sentences should be accepted.


Same here. Reporting.


... and I translated without the 'The' and had it as incorrect...

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