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  5. "Η θεία μου αγαπά την όπερα."

"Η θεία μου αγαπά την όπερα."

Translation:My aunt loves the opera.

September 5, 2016



While in in English the article "the" is optional (i.e. I love music, or I love the music) in Greek it would be awkward without the article "την".

[deactivated user]

    Could you use this to refer to a specific opera like one could in English (ie. "Are you familiar with Carmen? Yes, my aunt loves the opera?") or does it just mean that she likes opera in general?


    I guess it could, depending on the context of the conversation. In this case, where there is no actual conversation and the sentence is all by itself, I would assume the the speaker is talking about opera in general. ^.^


    yes but here we're using the definite article, so the hint "a" is not only wrong because it should be "an" but also because it has to be "the".


    In English we are more likely to say 'I love opera' for opera in general. 'I love the opera' would refer to a specific work.


    Yes, I think so too. But I'm afraid that the main sentence can't change now :/ It is, however, and accepted translation. ^.^

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