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"אתה לא חושב שמיליארד זה יותר מדי?"

Translation:Don't you think that a billion is too much?

September 5, 2016



In informal speech, "that" is not necessary. In writing, it usually is.


I disagree, I think it's often not necessary in writing as well (see what I did there?).

I wasn't able to find any sources that supported your opinion after a cursory check, but here's one that supports mine: https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/when-to-leave-out-that


Another problem with this translation is that it accepts "a billion" but not "one billion".


"that" is not necessary in English


But if you were talking about money you might say dont you think a billion is too much...


Why was '... a billion is too many' wrong? Onky 'too much' was accepted.


Should be accepted, but:

Too many - when you talk about an quantity (discrete)

Too much - when you talk about an amount (continuous)

you won't say "too much people" but "too many people", and on the other hand, you won't say "too many water" but rather "too much water". So that being said - I can't think of a situation where you count a quantity of something in billions, it should become an amount way before.


I agreed it should be accepted. And yes, some nouns are countable (many people) and others are not (much water). But the grammar in English doesn't change when the numbers are large. If there are 7 billion people on earth, that is 'many people', not 'much people'.


Billion is a number. Hence the correct term is "too many". Much applies to amount, not number in English


Money is a collective noun. We could not say "too much dollars" but would have to say "too many"; on the other hand, we could not say "too many money" but would have to say "too much". Therefore, a billion could be either too much or too many, and BOTH should be accepted. A billion is too many dollars or a billion is too much money!


You don't think that a billion is too much? This should be accepted. I am tired of Duolingo telling me how to speak English!!!


many should be accepted


Nobody deserves to be a billionaire


What's wrong with "more than enough"? yoter = more, m = than, dai = enough. In English they are almost identical, altho there is a slight nuance in that 'too much' is often critical whereas 'more than enough' is not condemning the person, just telling him that he can stop now. If this cannot be translated "more than enough" how would you say "more than enough" in Hebrew?

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