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  5. "This month is too short."

"This month is too short."

Translation:Ten miesiąc jest zbyt krótki.

September 5, 2016



When do I use zbyt, and when za?


Theoretically, they are mostly interchangeable, but it's not that easy. According to professor Bańko, you can always change "za" into "zbyt", but not necessarily the other way round. Anyway, as long as you are not completely fluent in Polish, I guess using one of them in a wrong way will not be that tragic ;)


Why cannot I use "to" here?


Because on the "Y" position (X is Y) you have an adjectival phrase. You can only use "to" if both X and Y are noun phrases.


Oh! I did not now it! Very revealing. Give ya a lingot :D


I guess an implied noun doesn't count but "ten miesiąc to za krótki miesiąc" would be valid? Is "ten miesiąc to za krótki" acceptable in colloquial speech, or even there it's not valid?


Even there it's not valid. And "Ten miesiąc to za krótki miesiąc" would be a rather unusual thing to say, although it's technically correct.


** also another question: I see that krotki is used in this sentence-does niski only apply to physical objects such as people and buildings, etc.?


"niski" is short in height. Why does English use the same word for it, I will never understand.


The clue says tego but the answer says ten. Frustrating.


I added the hint "ten miesiąc" so it will be displayed on top next time (or at least in a few days).

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