"How many cats do you have?"

Translation:Πόσες γάτες έχεις;

September 5, 2016



why is it not Πόσα γάτες?

September 5, 2016


There are three words for cat in Modern Greek:

  • η γάτα, which is feminine (plural: οι γάτες) ---> Correct sentence: Πόσες γάτες έχεις;
  • ο γάτος, which is masculine (plural: οι γάτοι) ---> Correct sentence: Πόσους γάτους έχεις;
  • το γατί, which is neuter (plural: τα γατιά) ---> Correct sentence: Πόσα γατιά έχεις;
September 7, 2016


in what world will we need to call cats neuter?

March 18, 2018


the cat is "η γάτα" so it's a female. When you are asking about female nouns you use "πόσες". "Πόσα" you use if you are asking about may neutral nouns.

September 5, 2016


the word cats can be masculine, feminine or neuter why use this in teaching questions. I understood that we have been taught that cat is feminine in the animals lesson and then used ποσες γατεσ εχεις. this example totally confused me for ages.

December 8, 2017


It appears feminine is correct as was used in this lesson, as "γάτες" (note, not "γάτεσ") is the feminine plural version of the word cats, so the lesson I believe is consistent with what we learned in the animals unit.

May 23, 2018
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