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Latin American Spanish podcasts

[deactivated user]

    Hola a todos !

    I'm currently learning Spanish and I'm wondering if anyone knows good Latin American Spanish podcasts about History, movies/tv shows, video games or literature ?

    Muchas Gracias.

    P.s : English is not my native language, so please excuse any mistakes.

    September 5, 2016



    I just listened to a great new podcast on itunes called Doorway To Mexico. Definitely focuses on Mexican and Latin American Spanish. It's probably for intermediate students though, but might be ok for beginners if you have the basics down. Here is their webpage https://doorwaytomexico.com/


    Doorway to Mexico is one of the best!


    órale! I love this one so much!!!


    I just checked out Doorway to Mexico. I thought it was quite good. Unfortunately, as I understand it, only the first podcast is free. Listening to more will cost you $49. Still, I recommend checking it out and if $49 is in your budget for something like this, it might be money well spent because these are useful, high quality podcasts, which can be downloaded. The site claims to expose you to the way "real" people speak, breaks down the vocabulary for you, and also offers "bonus" material.

    To give you a little more of a peek into my experience, I chose to listen to Episode 6 (Asking for Directions). I have watched and listened to countless videos and audio recordings on this very topic, but I can assure you that this went beyond anything I had listened to previously. Definitely worth your while, but like @LuvLuvTacos has mentioned, an intermediate student of Spanish is going to enjoy this a whole lot more than a beginner.

    Thank you LuvLuvTacos for suggesting this. I will be gifting you a lingot for it.


    Doorway is one of my favorites, too! I think the podcasts are free but there's "bonus" material available for a subscription fee. Even though I'm nowhere near intermediate or advanced, I love listening to a "real" family traveling to Mexico. Most of the Spanish podcasts I've found feature Spain-Spanish, but I live in LA and the Mexican culture, slang and accents in Doorway are much more familiar to me on a daily basis.

    Anyway, check out the free content! I hope they're working on another season, too...


    It was an interesting podcast and useful even without the bonus material but they have not made a podcast since April 23, 2017. Last time I asked them during summer of 2017, new episodes were coming soon but non appeared in a year.


    This podcast is about books "a la aventura"

    The narrator/host is from México.

    A la aventura es un podcast de libros y lectura.

    [deactivated user]

      muchas gracias! He speaks slowly and clearly, it's perfect :)


      Thanks!! Perfect podcast for me!


      His speaking style and voice is great. By far one of the best resources I have ever found. He's also on GoodReads which helps.


      I just checked out "a la aventura" myself. It was well worth the visit. The voice quality is excellent and the podcasts are divided by theme: Classics, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Young Readers, Nonfiction, Romance, Theater, and Thriller. You might have heard of this one (from its Science Fiction category).

      Thank you @vcel10 for suggesting it!


      There are a few podcasts mentioned in the Wiki: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Spanish

      [deactivated user]

        I'll check it out; thanks !


        I've heard that Radio Ambulante is very good.

        [deactivated user]


          News in Slow Spanish provides weekly information on Latin America. It comes complete with a reading guide. I have it on my iPad.

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