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  5. "Czyja jest tamta koszula?"

"Czyja jest tamta koszula?"

Translation:Whose is that shirt?

September 5, 2016



In English we reply say "Whose shirt is that" but it does not translate to polish that way. Why?


Sorry, what do you mean? "Whose shirt is that?" is an accepted answer.


(Native English speaker here) I think what was meant is that "Whose is that shirt?" is very unusual. "Whose shirt is that?" would be the common way to ask the question.


I think the question might have been more about why the English word order does not work in Polish? (IE can you use a similar word order to "Whose shirt is that" in Polish, or does it have to be only "Whose is that shirt?")


Nothing with a word order like "Whose shirt is that?" (that would be... "Czyja koszula jest to?" - perhaps not exactly wrong, but really unusual.

You can use the dummy pronoun "to" and create a sentence which I would translate to "Whose shirt is [this/that/it]?" - that would be "Czyja to koszula?" or "Czyja to jest koszula?". And I think it's a more natural sentence than this one here, unless you want to specify "THAT shirt" as if you contrasted it with some other shirt.


Yes, it is. If it didn't work for you, perhaps you made a typo somewhere.


Dont look in the wardrobe, mate. It'll only break your heart


K this Questions lesson is effing hard holy moly


I just wrote the Tips&Notes for this skill, so you may look there. Click the lightbulb button after clicking on the skill icon (if you're on the app and you don't see it, open Duolingo in a browser).


Oh! Amazing, thank you!


Why not "whose shirt is this"?


Because "tamta" is already more like 'that one over there', so "this" is not the right word.


I love the fact that Whose seems to be used with the same structure as in Spanish (didn't expect that betwwen these 2 languages :)): Czyja (De quién) jest (es) tamta (este) koszula (sombrero)?


The structure is the same, but "tamta koszula" is "esa/aquella camisa", not "este sombrero" (ten kapelusz) ;)

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