September 5, 2016



Without a Greek keyboard below (like sometimes Spanish or Turkish will give me a bunch of accent options), I can't pass this course. It wants me to type μπαμπά before allowing me to pass this section, but I'm unable to do so. (I had to copy-paste from the error message just to get it in here!) :( In theory I can go into my keyboard settings to change the language, but that's not going to be helpful since my physical keyboard will still have English letters. (Not to mention having to go in and flip back and forth between Greek letters and English with each new sentence will get frustrating fast.) Will an in-course Greek keyboard be added in the future, or can it at least accept roman letters? "mpampa" or even "baba" should be acceptable. I've been waiting for Greek Duolingo for so long, I don't want to have to stop so soon! :)


If you are on a computer and use Windows, you can add a Greek keyboard in the language preferences. Your physical keyboard will still have English letters, but you will soon get familiarized with the Greek letters. In the beginning you can use this picture:


I hope that this helps. :-)


But then the problem becomes having to go in and change the keyboard settings with every sentence, since it will ask for the English translation one time, then Greek the next. (Also, I'm on Mac, heh.) I've noticed on a few later modules it's letting me type the roman letters, so maybe it was just this one that was acting up. I shall persevere, dangit, I've wanted to learn Greek since I was 8. ;)


Сhanging the keyboard in active use should be pretty quick once you've added them to the list in the settings (I can just Alt+Shift on Windows 10), but since you're using a Mac I can't actually tell you how.

The Greek keyboard is actually pretty easy to learn imho, since α corresponds to a, φ to f, ζ to z etc. (don't get me started on the Russian keyboard). I do hope you can make it work somehow.


You can also use this http://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/greek_modern.htm if you are having a hard time switching languages


Fantastic, thanks!! Copypasta is decidedly faster than switching keyboard settings.


As about Latin characters and online Greek keyboards check out this link: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/17556409

We are still working on Greeklish. It will be added manually and it will last few weeks. The above post will be updated every time we add Greeklish in more skills. ONLY the best translations of each sentence will be transliterated into Greeklish, therefore it is better to type in Greek


Just give us the virtual keyboard.


What I did was add greek keyboard in windows and buy some cheap greek keyboard stickers to add the symbols to my keys. worked out perfectly for me


this is not a matter of mistakes it is a matter of me learning which key is which on the keyboard. I wish someone would have told me it was going to be a problem after changing the layout from one language to another...

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