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"The boyfriends and the girlfriends"

Translation:Τα αγόρια και τα κορίτσια

September 5, 2016



Shouldn't the English words say boys and girls instead of boyfriends and girlfriends, as αγόρια and κορίτσια mean boys and girls but not boyfriends and girlfriends? (Boyfriends is actually φίλος and girlfriends is actually φιλενάδα)


Why does 'the' translate to 'τα'? When I mouse over 'the' it shows the masculine/feminine translation as being 'οι'. Surely the words for 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend' aren't neuter?


"Οι" is the definite article for plural masculine and feminine words in nominative, while "τα" is the definite article for plural neuter words in nominative and accusative. Both "αγόρι" (= boy, boyfriend) and "κορίτσι" (= girl, girlfriend) are neuter nouns, so you have to use "τα". :-)


Thanks! It is very surprising that those would be neuter nouns. I guess I have a lot to learn. :)

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